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Cloud instructions

Press on the below icons to view cloud video tutorials.

Dashboard IpHost Cloud control panel

First steps in .GR IpDomain-IpHost Cloud control panel. Log in procedure, main page information, different Cloud views, statistics and your account's details. User profile access and management, information such as user's credentials, package's resources, prices, payments etc.

VM Creation IpHost Cloud control panel

Step-by-step of Virtual Machine's creation procedure through .GR IpDomain-IpHost Cloud control panel. Definition of vm name, template, RAM, disk, etc. Finally, console usage for accessing the new Virtual Machine.

VM Actions IpHost Cloud control panel

Quick view of all the actions you can run on a Virtual Machine like Reboot, Migrate, Shut Down etc., with a few additional information for each action and completion procedure for some of them.

Backup and Custom Template IpHost Cloud control panel

Virtual Machine backup procedure. After your backup's creation, you can turn it to Custom Template and use it as a Template for a new Virtual Machine.

Usage Statistics IpHost Cloud control panel

In Usage Statistics tab you can see your statistics information about your Cloud, like which Virtual Machines are in the Cloud, CPU Usage, Bandwidth etc.

Add New CDN Resource

Creation and activation of a CDN Resource.

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