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New domain extensions

Internet is evolving and offers you new domain tlds with identity and immidiate connection with the respective website's content. Your internet identity and presence is is now completely clear your visitors.


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New Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) are here!

The New generic Top-Level Domain Program was developed to increase competition and choice in the domain name space. There are already many gTLDs available now (.com, .org, .net, etc.), but soon, there will be hundreds. New gTLDs give companies and communities the chance to operate under a name of their choosing, which helps enhance competition, innovation and consumer choice. The new domains also provide an opportunity for local communities, charities and small businesses to stand out from the crowd.


- Why are there new gTLD's?
The internet has revolutionized the modern world, connecting more than 2.4 billion internet users for commercial, social, cultural, and educational purposes. Vying for domain name space in this virtual real estate market has become increasingly difficult at a cost-effective level for new businesses, entrepreneurs, and even individuals. To break out from the limited space provided by current gTLD extensions, ICANN released over 1,000 new extensions. By adding to the internet's list of extensions, ICANN intends not only to allow more domain names, but create a safer, more efficient internet that has instant significance of a website's content in regards to its extension. The new gTLDs will clearly identify a website's content, and therefore saves time and helps streamline the internet user's experiences online.

- When will they be available?
The first groups of top-level domains ("first round") are already available.

- What are the different kinds of new gTLDs?
New generic Top-Level Domains can be, among other things, a variety of commonly used words, such as .CULTURE, .MUSICAL or .TRUSTED. There are specific subsets of gTLDs, including Geographic (.REGION, .CITY, etc.), Community (.CLEANWATER, .LITERACY, etc.) and Technology (.EMAIL , .COMPUTER, etc). New gTLDs .GIFT, .ESTATE, .EMAIL are some of the most popular gTLDs until now

.aero .beer .blackfriday .ceo
.church .clinic .coop .credit
.discount .fishing .fund .global
.guide .haus .hiphop .investments
.jobs .limited .london .mobi
.moe .name .pictures .place
.press .reisen .republican .rich
.ruhr .vegas .website .associates
.city creditcard .country .dental
.furniture .gratis .hiv .horse
.jetzt .lease .rest .surf
.tokyo .town .accountants .care
.cash .claims .cooking .deals
.digital .engineering .fail .finance
.fitness .rocks .surgery .toys
.university .actor .bar .bio
.cologne .desi .direct .exchange
.financial .gripe .host .insure
.juegos .life .rodeo .services
.wien .yokohama .audio .capital
.christmas .consulting .fish .kaufen
.koeln .media .moda .nagoya
.okinawa .report .schule .vision
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